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Indian Journal of Management and Economics

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Human Development and welfare Initiative (HDAWI) were founded in 2002 in association with like minded scholars, educationists, and social workers, which consecutively get registered as a society under the societies registration act 21, 1860 in the year 2003. The institute is also registered under sections 12 A & 80 G of the Indian Income Tax Act 1961 and the NITI Ayog, Government of India.


The core objective of this institute has been, however, not restricted to work for the creation and communication of knowledge in diversified areas of art and heritage management, development, cultural and management studies, environmental science, public health, big data, education, social and community medicine. We have successfully completed various research and seminar in diversified areas of our operation. We do so primarily by engaging ourselves in various research, survey, study, training, workshops, and research communication. We provide free research articles to contribute to the open journal systems and do not realize any publication fee from scholars belonging to schedule castes and tribes. HDAWI programs cover selected areas of HRD with special emphasis on training of trainers. Time to time a wide range of activities is done under the corporate social responsibility (CSR). 

All our members come from a highly diverse global network of development organizations, corporations, universities, consultancies, government and non-governmental organizations.


The activities of the institute are mainly in the areas of art and heritage management, cultural studies, Indian philosophy, Indo Aryan Religion, History, and Religious Democracy. 

In addition,  our activities also include developmental and management studies involving big data, education, health, and community medicine.


We engage in aforesaid thematic areas through:-

Research and Study
Seminar/ Symposium/ Workshop



Indian Journal of Ancient Studies and Linguistics

ISSN: 2250- 1258.

Indian Journal of Applied & Clinical Sociology 

ISSN: 2230-9772 (Print); 2347-5927 (Online).

Indian Journal of Management and Economics

ISSN: 2249- 393X.

Indian Journal of Sciences and Systems

ISSN: 2277- 1999.