The book describes various aspects of the National Health Mission in India, especially the manner it was implemented and executed. The book would be highly beneficial for the students of development studies, social welfare, social work, rural development, public health management, and applied sociology. Methods of health research have been also described in the book. The problems of health, public health programs, policies, arrangements, challenges, and opportunities are described.

National Health Mission- Execution and Achievements

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  • Dr. Krishna Kant Sharma post graduated and achieved his PhD from the Patna University in Labor and Social Welfare. Previously, he completed M.Sc. In Chemistry. He worked as a consultant under the National Rural Health Mission and came to know about the practices and requirements of the Public Health sector in India.

    He was mostly good in studies and while in schools received the National Rural Talent Scholarship from the Government of India during 1977-1981.  He received doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships from the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR). He taught at both the UG and PG students for more than ten years. He successfully completed two research projects of the University Grants Commission (UGC).

    He studied Indian philosophy and various Vedic and post Vedic Indian literatures as a matter of keen interests. In science, he remained interested in Environmental Chemistry, Astro-Chemistry, Inferential Statistics, and Quantum Physics.

    In addition to studies and teaching, he completed various short courses and training from various reputed institutions on different topics. He received trainings in Research Methodology from ICSSR and BIT Mesra. He also successfully completed various courses in Health Research Fundamentals from the National Institute of Epidemiology (Chennai), Bio statics & Design of Experiments from Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, Global Navigation System & Geographical Information Systems, and Geoweb Services and Geoportal applications from the Indian Remote Sensing Institute (IRO), Dehradun. 

    In addition to this book his other major books are Public Health Administration in Bihar, Public Health Human Resource Management (PH2RM), and Development Education & Society.